Makeathon 2019 Project Teams:

Wheelchair Step Stool (Project Partner: Ann)
Ann is looking for a way to attach a single step to her wheelchair’s footplate. Ann is hoping to use this step stool as an extra foothold to allow for a smoother and easier process of getting  up and into her wheelchair.

Chinese Checkers (Project Partner: Bonnie)
Bonnie loves playing Chinese Checkers but does not have function of her fingers to move the pieces on the board by herself. Bonnie is looking some sort of modified peg or other device that she can independently manipulate.

Phone  Mount (Project Partner: Kathi)
Kathi is a quadriplegic with limited use of her hands. She is hoping for something that can hold her iPhone in place so that she can take photos, etc. To meet the design criteria, this phone mount must be able to swing out of the way so that Kathi can still go under tables.

Walker Pulley System (Project Partner: Susala)
Susala is looking to find a way to rig up a pulley system that hoists a walker into a car. The goal is to eliminate having the user lift the walker into the car to avoid risk of falling/injury.

Deadbolt Door (Project Partner: Owen)
Owen is looking for a way to independently unlock an industrial door. He is hoping to use a device that can fit over a deadbolt knob, become secure to the door then lock/unlock it. He would also like the device to have bluetooth phone compatibility to tell what state the lock is in and unlock/lock from a phone while still allowing other people to be able to use it as well.

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