Active Projects

JARL (Jade Theriault)

JARL (Just Another Robotic Limb) is an initiative to develop a low-cost, wheelchair-mounted robotic arm to assist Jade, a quadriplegic member of the UC Berkeley community, with daily activities such as drinking water, eating, and brushing teeth. Many individuals who have ALS, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, or other disabilities both rely on wheelchairs and struggle with lifting and grasping. The JARL project aims to address the need for affordable assistive devices by creating a user-controlled lightweight robotic arm that is capable of performing a variety of tasks.

Gait Walker (Susala Kisber)

Gait Walker addresses the challenge of redesigning the Ergo Primo walker to be more modular, user-friendly, and accessible in the U.S. Last semester the team built a PVC pipe chair extension and seat redesign as well as had ideas for a cup holder attachment. This team is currently looking to continue to improve their prototype.

Edge Sensing (Daniel and Stanford Stickney)

Edge sensing is a project to develop a modular low cost detection and alert system for wheelchairs to prevent users from accidentally navigating themselves off of curbs, stairs and ledges. It detects sudden changes in the horizontal plane and alerts the user through auditory and haptic feedback.

Marina Navigator (Ed Gallagher)

Ed Gallagher is a sailor who lost his vision and has created a racing course for other blind sailors. While the system is great on the water, the difficulties come on land. There’s a need for a system to help him and other sailors that will come to the clinic in navigating on land without assistance.

Alive Bolt (Owen Kent)

Owen Kent, who has quadriplegia, uses a robot arm (made by Kinova) to carry out daily tasks independently from his caretaker. But his robot arm is unable to open the deadbolt to his studio door because of its round shape and the immense torque needed to rotate the knob. This continuing project is designing a long key holder (lever) with replaceable keys that Owen can wield in order to open his door from the outside.

 Wheelchair Umbrella/Table (Vyoma)

This is a project intended to help Vyoma, a student with a mobility disability, better access her school materials from her backpack, which is situated behind her seat on her motorized chair. she would also like a way to open an umbrella with a remote, so that she can use her free hand to drive her chair on rainy Berkeley days.


This project is intended as a point-of-sale device/software to encode the info on a receipt as a QR code. This software would help blind people use their phone to get an electronic receipt (at which point they can use text-to-speech or some other software).