Active Projects

Binocular Holder (Bonnie)

“I’m really excited about my project to create some type of device that will enable me to independently hold & operate a pair of binoculars and my hope is that we can create something that is universally designed and would work for other disabled people that have limited use of their arms and hands. I’m starting a bird-watching program at work and this type of assistive technology will help us serve more people. To get a sense of a possible design that can be used as a place to start from I found this online,  I’d also like to have an auto focus capability so having people with mechanical and electric engineering experience might be useful.”

Gait Walker (Susala Kisber)

“Working on this project could be a great opportunity for Enable Tech students to get exposure and be involved with a project that could very well become a mobility device that becomes covered by insurance and in turn becomes a valuable resource for many people. Currently the walkers and gait trainers sold and covered by insurance are not designed with input from people who use them and do not meet many needs of users.


I’d really like to build a working prototype of the modular gait trainer (like the one I currently use that is not available in this country) that the other enable tech students already designed with the addition of a more stable base to prevent falls and all terrain (like mountain bike) tires. I’m also interested in working of an electronic power assist mechanism. It could either be designed as something that could be attached to any rollator or just to the one we’re designing. This part can wait until a future semester if need be.


I’d love to work with the enable tech students to get a provisional patent application filed, have enough of a prototype and design created to have it for my use and to approach companies who already make rollators and gait trainers about buying the design so they can produce it and make it available widely. Of course, I’d like the students to be credited as co-inventors and would profit from any sales made.


As I wrote you a few months ago, I am in conversation with some engineers in Germany who made a rollator with a motor  about the possibility of developing a foldable gait trainer like mine with a seat that also has all terrain wheels and a motor so that it can assist a user on hills or other difficult terrain. I am in the process of trying to get one of their electronic rollators sent to me so that we could use that to learn from and possibly adapt. That device is no longer being sold and was never available in this country. I am in conversation with the engineers who developed it about making something that would improve on their design and be available in this country.”

Edge Sensing (Daniel and Stanford Stickney)

“We would be delighted and honored to continue working on our edge detection wheelchair. It has been a privilege working with such amazing souls. Sneh you’re a slice of heaven, Riddhi you too my friend! Our current team under Drew Miller is excellent. Nothing but kudos to Drew Miller,  Jamie Walton, Jacob Bryan, Kaleo Leonhardt. They all have been rock stars. Improving Daniel’s quality of life and others through very unique and challenging times.”