Active Projects

Edge Sensing [Continuing]

Project Partners: Daniel and Stanford

Edge Sensing’s goal is to create wheelchair attachable sensing units that detect sudden changes in altitude, warning users with vision impairment of curbs, edges, and other sudden shifts in elevation. Currently, the 3D printed housing unit contains a LiDAR sensor mounted on a stepper motor to detect the edges. We are currently working on creating an easy-to-use centralized system, improving the efficiency & accuracy of the data collection, and implementing haptic feedback within the wheelchair seat.

Mobile Platform [Continuing]

Project Partners: Ann and Sam

Mobile Platform is an electro-mechanical project that is designing a platform that raises and lowers to help the project partner get in and out of their wheelchair that they use for travel. The team is aiming to build a portable platform that can move vertically by several inches, is easily detachable, and lightweight enough to carry.

Gait Walker [Continuing]

Project Partner: Susala

Gait Walker’s goal is to design a gait walker that can improve a user’s gait, stamina and endurance while decreasing social barriers that impede interactions with others and access to opening doors and navigating activities like shopping. The idea is to create a gait walker that is collapsible, for easy transport, and adaptable to multiple surfaces and situations.

Transfer Board [Continuing]

Project Partner: Bonnie

Our project partner (one we have worked with before) has asked us to design a way to make their transfer board attachable to their wheelchair, preferably via a post. The goal is to design an attachment for a transfer board they already own, so that this board can be stowed away under the wheelchair’s armrest and can be utilized by the project partner without assistance. 

This new project has a potential extension – our project partner has also asked us to potentially design attachments to securely attach some electronic devices to the board so that they can securely have these devices on their lap

Grip Assist [Continuing]

Project Partners: Dana and Shanti

Our project partner has asked us to design a device that can assist them in gripping and moving objects. They have explained they would like for the device to require force to open, but stay tightly shut when at “rest,” so as to require less constant force from the project partner.

Caliper Control [Continuing]

Project Partner: Drew

The goal of this project is to design a reliable emergency brake system for a modified mountain bike. Our project partner is looking for a fast-acting and failsafe brake that will stop their bike with a quick and simple motion that is accessible to their current physical abilities, and does not impede the functionality of the mountain bike.