EnableTech DeCal: Assistive Technology Design

Spring 2022: Mondays 6-8pm

Instructors: Riddhi Bagadiaa & Jorell Gotamco

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The Enabletech DeCal teaches technical skills important to the design of assistive technology. Students will be walked through the design process and taught technical skills (such as 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, Arduino, and electronics) through the perspective of assistive technology design. The class will culminate in a final project, designed to implement skills gained throughout the course.


  • Build and design circuits controlled by the Arduino microcontroller
  • Discuss uses of Arduino in Assistive Technology
  • Learn threshold coding and extended applications of Arduino
  • Implement learnings directly in the final project

3D printing and modeling

  • Learn human-centered design
  • Use Fusion 360/ CAD software to design assistive devices
  • Model and 3D print your own parts for the final project

Laser cutting

  • Learn how to design for laser-cut prototyping
  • Understand and implement tolerancing concepts
  • Design and laser cut your own model for the final project