Cot Hospital Bed

For wheelchair users, camping is often an insurmountable challenge both getting up/down from the ground and sitting up/down from a Read More

Kinect Gait

Use Microsoft Kinect to analyze gait of physical therapy patients and display live footage in front of patient so they Read More


A common problem for amputees is not applying enough body weight to the prosthetic leg when walking, preventing the leg Read More

Automatic Window

For individuals wheelchair-bound who cannot easily get in and out of bed or reach over furniture it can be extremely Read More

Backpack Coolpad

For those suffering from hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) it can be uncomfortable or even embarrassing to wear or take off a Read More


This project addresses the difficulty of gripping and turning a round doorknob with limited hand grasping strength. With a motor Read More

Power Soccer Guard

The power soccer guard is an adjustable protective bumper which attaches to the front of a power wheelchair to protect Read More

Project Marathon

Current orthotics used to extend leg length are simply semi rigid foam blocks which provide little lateral support or a Read More

Tendon Glove

For individuals with limited to no hand grasp such as spinal cord injuries daily tasks can be impossible. This project Read More

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